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A forum for discussing grant opportunities through the Washington Preserves fund---post your questions here!
4/10/2014 10:48:37 PM

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7/6/2015 6:54:35 PM

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Ilan years starting 2010 Happy Parade, black bamboo brush for utensils allay traffic control instructions village cum press conference Description of activities starting
Parade 2010 Parade start of joy Ilan activities February 6 (six) 9:00 in Yilan City Riverside Park rally, starting a huge lineup, lively folk and community Nike Basketball trample team, along the mountain Shennong Road, Sec three sections to the junction of the grain temple, declaring joy Ilan Year grand debut. The Parade Ilan community activities as the Nike Shox main team, with local historical temple - Temple of the grain and all kinds of folk troupes, Grand Parade lineup street performances when the team will stage, trample the process, will be fixed or no fixed way to Air Jordan 4 Retro interact with the public body to create a festive atmosphere to celebrate; at the same time, the team performances included Parade Lion Dance, God of Wealth, the Parade route will pass through the initiative of Nike Shoes the business, such as Air Jordan 3 Retro the initiative to cast firecrackers to help out, the lion dance troupe and Fortuna will brandish in front of the store, the merchant blessing Tiger can 'business is booming, good amount every year,' Choi Ying bless the folk process, resulting envelopes will be fully donations United Way Foundation to help disadvantaged groups, hope everyone had a warm good year. Parade of Air Jordan 1 traditional ancient ritual performances starting team the whole team assembled in the grain temple, then expand the 'black bamboo brush for utensils allay Nike Air Presto Tun' ceremony, through the net of God, praying, in addition Nike Air Max to declaring the traditional New Year is approaching, but also appeal to make good use of the prefecture Just before the holiday of holidays, good order around the home environment, prepared for the arrival of the Chinese New Year preparations. Yilan gathered by the riverside park, Parade procession started along Zhongshan Road, Sec, Nike Heels Boots Sec to Shennong junction trample active line, the traffic control since at 8:00 on February 6 to 11, and with the following Control Intersection: Ring Rd, Air Jordan 5 Retro force new street, new road, Celebration Street, Old Road, Shing Wong Street, St. Backstreet, Xinmin Road, Wenchang Road, Recreation Road, Wu Camp Street, Guangfu Road, South Hing Street, Old City Road and Minquan Road phased implementation of traffic control, are also calling for these times of vehicles that can be diverted traffic and passers-by, along with businesses also requested to avoid this period replenishment transport operations, regulatory County Sheriff's Department will be maintained during the intersection of each control person Car order to reduce the public inconvenience. Parade activities, will be sent along the 1500 red envelopes, all kinds of candy and activity tips, and invite all to participate in front of the prefecture as a street play this upcoming event. Lan Yang Theatre - Treasurer offered Yilan grain temple treasure - Send-off ceremony bamboo brush for utensils ready to trample drawing black village (traffic team) Roadmap - control line
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4/20/2017 8:33:58 PM

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