The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation consistently receives requests for recommendations on contractors, architects, craftsmen, consultants, and all types of preservation trades people. In years past, we directed such inquiries to the consultants lists maintained by the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP). When DAHP was no longer able to host their lists, the Washington Trust created a statewide Preservation Trades and Consultants Directory so as not to lose such an important resource for the preservation community.

(Click above to download the current directory.)

The directory is updated throughout the year with new listings, so be sure to download the latest version when you are searching for preservation trades resources.

Interested in listing your business or organization?

Listing your business or organization is an effective, low-cost way to connect with hundreds of people actively looking for preservation goods and services. Because we are a non-profit organization with limited staff and resources, we are offering this service for a nominal annual fee of $120 ($10/month), which goes directly to supporting and maintaining this online preservation resource. Annual enrollment begins on January 1 of each year. You may, however, list your business or organization at any time during the year for a prorated amount of $10 per month through the end of the current enrollment cycle.

The following information is included with each directory listing:
  • Company Name  

  • Contact Names, Titles, and Email Addresses (up to 3)       
  • Address(es) (multiple office locations allowed)

  • Phone Number(s)

  • Website Address

  • Company Logo (if desired – please see file requirement below)  

  • A Brief Description of Your Work and Awards  

  • Your Company's Categories (up to 5)
To add a listing, download and complete the submission form, and email it to

If you would like to have your company logo listed in the directory, please email it along with your form. For best results, please send your logo in an EPS or AI file, which are vector-based graphics files. If this format is not available, please send a TIFF or a JPG file with a high resolution.

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the listings or for the performance of those listed. Anyone using this directory assumes full responsibility for checking the consultant’s credentials. Listing does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.